Love me chain! ♥ (december_clouds) wrote,
Love me chain! ♥

Love your country more than you

Well, it looks like tomorrow is the Brexit vote.

People are generally referring to it is that which cannot be named or some other term. Tensions are high. Newspaper covers are filled with proclamations about what we should or should not do. They make bold statements. "We chose, and we choose hope." Do you? Is a stab in the dark hope? What's hopeful about saying "I don't know"?

In the US, it's fairly normal to see people wear political shirts and stick political signs in their yards, but it's not really the done thing here. Yet people are really being bold and direct about what they want. Not just friend against friend or colleague versus colleague, but GP and patient, hairdresser and customer, newspaper and reader, MP against constituents. Everything and everyone is telling us what to do, insisting their answer is the correct one.

This vote has the potential to ... no, in fact, it will change everything forever, regardless of the result. There are a lot of elections like that this year.

Time to see what happens, I guess.
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