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Short Course

Started my short course a little over a month ago. By the time we start teaching again (we have a "half-term" break), there will only be a month left.

The people in the class are more varied than the MA -- the age range is wider (the youngest is 23, the oldest is like 65) and what they want to do is more varied. I was put into a group of all men (there are more men than women in the class) in the evening. They're all older than me and have been working in professional jobs for 20+ years, so it's different.

It's going OK -- the actual teaching part is really helpful. It makes what I've learned in my master's and the feedback I received seem like a pitiful waste of time.

I went to the employment fair/expo/conference in London last week. That was OK, just not as many employers as I'd hoped for. I did get contacted by someone and that seems hopeful.

A classmate and friend of mine did a master's in her country and also did the MA course with me here. She initially refused to do the certification, but decided to start one in January. It's really competitive in the UK -- and the certification is a requirement here, not a suggestion.

Saving a bunch of things to do/watch in December when I'm done with everything, namely Korra season 4. I'm sure it's shaping up to be a great season.
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