Love me chain! ♥ (december_clouds) wrote,
Love me chain! ♥

The typhoon generation

Hi everyone. Still in Tokyo. Typhoon no 18 is moving through and Tokyo looks like a ghost town. Parts of it look like Silent Hill. o.o We went to Nakano today and I got lots of stuff (and found a Seiyu!!!) but then Simon got heat exhaustion so we had to go back after an hour or so. I think he's managed to get it most days here. Now Simon is chilling upstairs and I'm here. Having said that there's a typhoon it doesn't look all that bad here aside from the sideways wind and some rain. It's more like a tropical depression than a category 1 hurricane.

I picked up some new glasses at ZOFF last week that look really nice. Glasses in Tokyo are really cheap, less than half the price of England and about 1/4 of the price of those in the US. I think you can order cheap glasses on the Internet in England but then you have no idea what they look like until you get them.

Tomorrow is Shibuya. If I have extra time, I want to go back to Nakano because nearly everything I have been looking for is here.

I feel victorious because I was able to find the ' key. :D
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