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Vitamin shortage

Growing up in the US, I took Vitamin D for granted. It's fortified in everything (milk, bread, orange juice and more) and most of the places I lived in were pretty sunny.

Then I moved to England: no Vitamin D fortifying foods, a lot less sunlight, a lot more cold weather.

Since September I'd been feeling super tired and worn down, heart palpitations, irritable, didn't feel like doing anything, etc. Got tested for anemia and magnesium. Iron a little low, magnesium fine. Taking iron didn't help that much.

So I went back to the doctor at the beginning of this month. And they decided to give me a Vitamin D test. The magic number according to the NHS for Vitamin D is 50. Low Vitamin D is 40. Very low is 30.

My number was 29. :/ This means I have to be on Vitamin D for six months. I actually have a written prescription for this now. It's kind of scary that my number was that low, but I feel better knowing what it was now.
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