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The 30 day UK meme day 7 - Which British slang do you use in England?

This is a hard question! I say things like "tons" and "loads" and "massive" instead of saying huge and my mother lolz every time I say "as well." (As in "I'm going to the store but I'm going to the library as well" instead of saying "I'm going to the library too.")

I caught myself saying "quid" instead of "pounds" after being here for a week once!! Hahahahaha. I probably go between quid and pounds equally.

Half the time I say elevator, the other half lift. I don't say "to mah to" though because I think it makes me sound pretentious.

I think it's hard to tell sometimes, I'm unaware of using British slang and British English and I actually am.

"Reckon" is one of those funny words that you hear in British English (and perhaps Australian, I don't know) as well as Southern English but I never said it even when I was in The South! But I use it sometimes now.

My mother thinks I have an English accent but I don't and neither does my best friend. I think I sound as American as the day I left!! And I still use lots of exclamation points too!!! I think I've gotten into more of a Southern as opposed to Midwestern accent though. I still pronounce pin and pen the same way.
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