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Da da da da da!

Yesterday one of my senior co-workers decided she wanted me (the only American) to make the phone calls to customers to let them know we had an item. The first call went like this.

Me: Hello, may I speak to (customer's name on order phone)
Customer: Yes, this is Customer!
Me: I'm calling from (Store) in Solihull, to let you know that...
Customer: Wha... what? Can you repeat that?
Me: I'm calling from (Store)--
Customer: (Surprised) Are you American?
Me: Ah, yes...
Customer: Are you calling from England!? (I think she thought they were hiring Americans in the US to call customers to tell them an item is in...?)
Me: Er, yes, I'm standing in the store now.
Customer: Wau, sounds like you're speaking double dutch* to me!
Me: Um, well, just to let you know your order is here.
Customer: Oh! Alright then, I'll come pick that up (later in the week).

*Double dutch, according to one of my English co-workers is slang for "I can't understand what you're saying."

Well, I thought I always had decent diction but oh well. I get the "Are you American!?" thirty times daily always followed with a "why on earth did you move to England?" speech. I'm partially glad that Friday is my last day because I'm tired of answering the question as to why I'd rather be in dreary, boring, filthy England instead of 100% warm, sunny, and always wonderful USA!
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