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I don't update this enough

If anyone could spare a positive thought my way, that would be great. Going through a hard time at the moment. Thanks.

Currently watching dramas:


1. Rich Man, Poor Woman
The first drama of the season to impress me. It's another one of those "it's not what it looks like" dramas. Really liking Oguri Shun in this one.

2. Beginners
I'm not sure why I like this. Maybe all the bad actors somehow make it work. Like what Akira Mike said about Densha Otoko. It kind of reminds me of the first dramas I watched in the 90s. Fujigaya Taisuke looks like he belongs in a Boys Love AV.

3. Higashino Keigo Mysteries
Need to see more episodes, but seems OK.

4. Renai Kentei
The first episode of this blew me away. The second episode was meh, but it's all different actors in each episode. If this works well, this could easily be in my top ten.

Not sure if like

1. Naniwa Shonen Tantei
I love Koike Teppei. It's something about his voice. This is an Osaka drama. Obviously Tabe Mikako isn't from Osaka, but her accent is cute. One could probably say I'm watching this only for the above reasons.

2. New GTO
I think Akira looks great in this. But it lacks the music and umph of the old GTO. As much as I like Shirota Yu, it's like they forced him into this drama.

3. Tokkan
Boring idea, but actors might make this interesting.

4. Sprout
Seems OK so far but could go downhill fast.

What? No.

1. Vision
Might give this another episode, but only because of Yamada (Oguri?) Yu.

2. Ghost Mama
This is probably good, I just find dramas where one of the characters is a ghost rather boring after a while.

3. Omoni Naitemasu
Far too silly.

4. Summer Rescue
I have an Osamu Mukai meter. Every time I watch something with him in it, it goes down. Once it reaches a certain threshold, I can't watch any Osamu Mukai things in it for a while. The script writer for this is an amazing person, but I can't with any Osamu Mukai.

Not going to watch Beautiful Rain -- that's this season's crying a liter of tears at the center of the world... I hate those!
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