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The 30 day UK meme - Food that you swore you would never eat but now love (or tolerate).

When I first got here I hated all English food. I'd go out on weekends to eat Chinese or Japanese. Seriously, some of the smell of the food here made me gag, especially lamb. When I pass by the roast pork stand in Birmingham I have to hold my nose sometimes. :(

But food that I like that I used to hate:

1. Mince pies
Oh good God. Morrisons* was making Mince Pie Danishes for about a month after Christmas. They were soooo goood.

2. Roast pork (occasionally but get sick of fast)

3. Crisps/Potato Chips (occasionally)

4. Coffee

5. Cherry flavored stuff

On a sort of related note, my Chinese friend took me out for a meal and we had squid. Sooo gooood. It was like squid tempura almost. I could eat that every day.

I still dislike:

1. Steak and kidney anything
2. Most "curries"
3. Liver, tripe, and marmite (smelling any of these make me gag)

*Morrisons = English supermarket
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